Procon forums moving to a new domain!

UPDATE 17:27:

All major changes should be completed! We’re ready to give it a try :D We will have to move around threads and clean up forums in the next weeks though.

The new forum URL is:

Please be advised that some errors might have occurred during the upgrade. If you encounter any permission problems or find other bugs, please let us know!

Another note especially important for plugin authors: we have published a Plugin Policy for plugins distributed through our forums or website. Please be sure to follow those guidelines! You can find the Plugin Policy here: Procon Plugin Policy


UPDATE 14:39:

We’ve successfully moved the data and set up the forums. There are still a few last optimizations and permission adaptions to be performed, but stay tuned for the new forum URL soon! We will start redirecting existing old links to the new URL tomorrow.


Original Post:

We are currently performing a (long due) migration to our new “official” domain

For this reason, we have currently locked down our forums (you might even see database-errors during the data-export). We will import the old forums data into our new forum system (which will hopefully be running vBulletin 5, if all goes well) so no user-accounts or posts will get lost. We have also preserved your login-details, so you should be able to log in as usual. All traffic will be encrypted with SSL from now on though.

After the migration, you should probably change your bookmark to the new domain (forum-URL to be announced), however we’re trying to keep all old links “alive” by redirecting them to the new forums.

I will also update this newspost with larger “successes” during this migration, you can find more detailed status-updates on my (private) Twitter-Account @MorpheusXAUT.



iOS Procon updates for “Armored kill” and iPhone 5

An update for iOS Procon has been released on the App Store which supports the new “Armored kill” map pack. As a new feature it also adds predefined kick and ban reasons.

Check it out here:

Additionally you can expect another patch shortly which will add support for the all new and gorgeous 4″ retina display of the iPhone 5.

Iketionary – Pointlessly pretty dictionary

Well I had some time this weekend so I made my visual thesaurus clone with the help of Standfords WordNet. Odd the things I do for fun..

Check it out

This is something I’ve wished I’ve had the time to do for a few years. With the javascript plugin done for presenting the data and a simple database to use it actually took more time styling the damn page than making the visual thesaurus.. but I think that’s just a swipe at my styling skills and complete lack thereof :)

This entire project was part of something I wanted to do, something that should take no longer than 7 days that I can do within my free time. All up it ended up taking 12 days, but if I definitely want to do more stuff like this.. just picking it up and running with it. Sure, the code isn’t super pretty at the end of the project but it’s fun as hell making it. Now that’s it done I can find something else to distract me.

You can find some further information about the node plugin at



Over the next few months you might notice this blog transforming into its original purpose: a dumping ground for me to post quick little updates on what I personally do. This is the start and I’ll hopefully catch you all up on some things I’ve worked on over the last year here and there. I’m never actually working on just one project, but always working on several small ideas here and there.

About four years ago I found thinkmap’s visual thesaurus. I always wanted to make something similar, but I’ve always lacked the word smithery to truly understand the English language enough to know if what I had created is actually working or not. To this end, I’ve done the technical stuff like writing a jquery plugin to handle visually displaying data in the same method.

It’s sort of abandoned for now though. I only ever work on it when I have an interest in it. So far I’ve got the front end stuff done, or at least the hard bits. Throw a bit of formatting over it and a quick api to look up a thesaurus database and you’re away. One day, I hope to finish this project off.

The testbed

Just showing what the script is doing. I recommend hitting “Add Random Branches” to begin with. You can drag nodes around and even pan the view if you hold shift. Zoom was buggy and on the to do list.

Twitter example

Shows mutual followers, or followers whom you follow. If you double click on a node you will then load their mutual followers and it will interconnect with existing nodes. Chunky as hell when you start getting a few hundred nodes on the screen or just some one that’s really sociable.

Moving some of the workload onto a worker thread would be beneficial here, but would also require a rewrite lest the serialization of the plugin itself takes just as long as calculating the node positions & effects. I wanted the plugin to handle thousands of nodes but only managed to get to handle about 500 smoothly on my computer, but it significantly deteriorates with lower spec computers.

So I had lofty goals to begin with however building the twitter plugin quickly made me realize that formatting data in this way is only helpful for a tens, not hundreds let alone thousands of pieces of data. After a hundred nodes it just starts looking pretty but not being very informative.

“Close Quarters” coming soon with new rcon features

According to DICE the “Close Quarters” update which is expected to be released on the 12th of June will also introduce some new rcon features (R25).

Mainly we can expect a working join queue which distinguishes between vip players (which are selected  by the server administrators via a reserved slot / vip list), premium players (players who bought the battlefield premium upgrade)  and regular players.

We are already working to implement those new features into all available versions of Procon. Stay tuned…


German localization for iOS Procon BF3 Edition available now!

A german localization is available now for iOS Procon and is included in the shortly released update 1.16 which is available now on the App store. Depending on your feedback further language localizations might be added in the future. Please check the forum for updates.

iOS Procon BF3 Edition endlich auch auf Deutsch!

Endlich ist iOS Procon nun auch in einer komplett Deutsch lokalisierten Sprachversion erhältlich. Die Lokalisierung ist im neusten Patch 1.16 enthalten, den man bereits jetzt aus dem App store herunterladen kann. Die Lokalisierung war lange überfällig, denn die Deutsche Community ist enorm groß: Etwa jeder Dritte bis Vierte iOS Procon Benutzer kommt aus Deutschland! Viel Spaß mit iOS Procon BF3 Edition auf Deutsch!