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Primary Target helps out the little guy..


Offer starts October 1st until October 31st 2010 (Donation must be made in the month of October only)

What do you get?

Primary Target will give you a %50 credit up to $25 of a donation to  You also still get the same warm fuzzy feeling from helping a project along, but this way you get something a little more tangible =)

  • Donation Example #1: You donate $20 to and you’ll get $10 added to you Primary Target account to use on whatever service you want.
  • Donation Example #2: You donate $50 to and you’ll get $25 added to you Primary Target account to use on whatever service you want.
  • Donation Example #3: You donate $100 to and you’ll get $25 added to you Primary Target account to use on whatever service you want.

What does get?

100% of the donation goes to phogue.netMoney Smiley


  1. Sign up as a primary target customer at (also available for existing customers)
  2. Donate to providing your first and last name (identical to your account on
  3. That’s it!  After verification you’ll have a credit on your Primary Target account!

Primary Target

More information can be found in the source post on the forums at

Update; MoH Pre-release, PRoCon 0.6.X.X

A little over a week ago the good people at Dice (Kalms in particular, thanks mate) invited myself, Phil_K and other rcon tool developers to use a pre-release version of Medal of Honor to ensure our tools are adapted or rewritten for the launch on October 12′th.

Since the emails have been flying I’ve been busy rewriting the lower level of procon between assignments. It’s becoming a little bit more structured and less mad-scientisty-omg-you-call-yourself-a-programmer code now. Soon I’ll invite the rest of the procon community to participate in a open beta (of beta software!) of 0.6.X.X to throughly test this new code. Once it is debugged of problems, procon should be easily adapted to MoH ;)

Going by the current timeline I hope to have a version out early next week for people to begin testing/crashing. I’m right now entering the final week of the term at uni so it’s a little bit chaotic, but that also means I’ll have a lot of free time after that during the brief holidays :)

News Writer

I’m looking for some one who keeps up with this community and other bfbc2/moh communities.  A lot of small goings on happen on this site (new plugins, new languages, plugin updates, map image pack updates, etc. etc.) that goes a little bit unnoticed.  If you like writing short articles, have an eye for detail and have a good grasp on English then I’d like to hear from you.  Experience in WordPress is a big plus.

Please link other people to this article if you think they would be interested.  I wouldn’t mind interesting videos, screenshots, clan-focused articles, procon news (plugins, languages, map image packs), tournament results – you name it, so long as it’s bfbc2/moh related.  I’m not looking for some one to churn out crud for the sake of it, just whatever they find interesting ;)

You would have an audience of several thousand to begin with.  With the expansion of procon into MoH that could grow very soon.

PRoCon’s future..

Work will begin soon procon 0.6.X.X series that will have as many changes to it as the 0.5.X.X series compared to <=0.3.X.X.

No official stable releases of procon 0.5.X.X will be released unless another map pack comes out.  Then only the map definitions will be updated.

0.6.X.X will feature multiple game support, redesigned and cleaner plugin api and possibly some other tid bits I want to add.  There is a lot of legacy code (already) in procon that I want to change or remove.  Remember procon was hacked together, not actually designed.. it wasn’t meant to be remotely popular ;)

People will be able to participate in releases of this development via a download on the forums.  The 0.6.X.X series will have an independent autoupdate process to 0.5.X.X so users can participate and update easily.   Since procon is still considered beta (I’m still adding stuff to it) you’re essentially participating in a beta within a beta.  Enjoy wrapping your head around that logic :)

The seperate 0.6.x.x series with it’s own autoupdater is to avoid the FUBAR scenario that occured with 0.5.0.X… remember that?  We need a public holiday in remembrance for that release :(

Plugins will need to be updated to function in 0.6.X.X.  Plugins that now run in 0.6.X.X will not be backwards compatible so the plugin interface can be scrubbed clean and neatened up.  Plugin authors will find they need to edit their plugins to work properly but not actually alter any of their logic.  Authors will need to rename some classes and such, but otherwise it’s not as scary as this paragraph has made it all sound ;)

Participation in testing the initial releases of 0.6.X.X is optional.

It may be impossible to automatically update from 0.5.X.X to 0.6.X.X due to some fundamental changes that will occur in procon.  I will endeavor to make sure this is not the case and an update can occur seamlessly, however this is a low priority.

These changes will come into effect on the main download page when MoH is released, approximately 12′th of October, 2010.

PRoCon Frostbite:

Download Here


  • Chat console: added checkbox to enable / disable auto scrolling
  • Support for map pack 5
  • EventTab: added damagetype information incl. headshot to output of onKill event to EventTab
  • Changed respawn delay minimum to 1 in the level variables section of the server settings panel. The official rcon documentation still states the minimum to be 10 though.
  • Added HTTP Server so website/php authors may pull data from procon or it’s plugins via the http protocol, and in all likely hood in the JSON format. Access this in Tools -> Options -> HTTP and see procon.doc for more information. If you are looking to author something in php/javascript and require more information out of procon let me know =)

Plugins General

  • Added reading of new serverInfo ConnectionState string. You can access this within the CServerInfo object
  • Added example http response from a plugin to CBasicInGameInfo (now


  • Fix for events tab lagging when first viewed
  • Fix for task enumeration change exception
  • Added fix for banList.remove not get saved to banlist.txt (onBanListRemove sends + .list)
  • Fixed config generator dialog box showing in task bar


Full Changelog

If you do come across any bug whatsoever, please use our Mantis Bug Tracking system HERE

Wanna frag bazajaytee?

Ha, I think I found the server but I’m queued in position 77 of 100.  Search for “Official DICE Server @ Multiplay”… I think, let me know if I’m queuing for the wrong server ;)

Ok the boys at dice sent this over as its CEST you would wanna be keen but if you were:

“If there was an opportunity for you to knife the developers of Bad Company 2, you wouldn’t resist right? Imagine having DICE dogtags in your collection. At least five of them.

Well, now is your chance. Go ahead and make it happen. The Game with Dev event is now coming to PC and we are bringing five DICE -players with us. Always wanted to knife Demize99? How about blowing Bazajaytee up with a Carl Gustav? Epic roadkill on zh1nt0?
Other players are Romeo DICE (special guest) and Stormonster.
The time of this event will be Wednesday the 28th of July 18:00 – 22:00 CEST.

Servers will be announced as soon as the event starts. This is to make sure everyone has a chance to jump on the servers as soon as we start.
In order to see where we are playing, check out our twitter channels:

So, take some time off work, leave the children with someone else, say goodbye to your significant other because this Wednesday is going to be awesome.”

Source: CyberGamer, I’m just terrible at writing things up so it’s better to just plagiarize ;)

Game Servers, VPS’s etc.

BFBC2 Server

The folks at Primary Target have hooked me, and the other developers, up with a new bfbc2 rcon testing server after my original server went offline last week.

Feel free to jump in and say howdy, you might even see whats in the works for procon as I test stuff out on the server.  More than likely you’ll see me playing some squad rush or generally mucking around on the server though ;)


It became clear at the start of this month that Europe, specifically Germany, has the most populated procon user base.  My experiences with the Frontlines rcon tools made this fact clear which is why I’ve ensured the German localization has always been included in procon.  I didn’t expect it to house about 60% of the population alone though ;)

I’ve used peoples generous donations towards a VPS hosted in the UK with more than enough bandwidth to expand procon in the future.  With the immediate concern of bandwidth out the way we can all expect a larger download with more plugins, map packs, configs, media etc. in the near future.

The forum is choca’s with additional content for procon that most of the user base has been missing out on due to bandwidth concerns =\