Procon updates for all platforms released!

The latest set of updates focusing on the R20 BF3 server software are now ready for download for all platforms. After the release of an update for Droid Procon (v1.36) earlier this week patches for Procon Frostbite (V1.2.0.0) and iOS Procon (v1.14) are now also available. Also worth mentioning:  iOS Procon should now be available on the App Store world wide (some users e.g. from South Africa and Brazil were not able to download the App so far).

New BF3 server software (R20) with new features!

BF3 R20 has been released today and offers some new features for admins. Admins should now be able to send messages to individual players. Also the more eye-catching “yell”-messages known from BC2 should be available now. A new pre-round and warm-up system will be introduced and use a new variable. For more details on R20 please check the official DICE post on battelog here.

Updates for Procon Frostbite, iOS Procon and Droid Procon which will let you make use of the new features are already on the way. Please check the forum and stay tuned on the blog!

Update – Patch status information

Procon 1.0 Frostbite v1.2.0.0 Forum link ETA: Released!
iOS Procon BF3 Edition v1.14 Forum link ETA: Released!
Droid Procon v1.36 Forum link ETA: Released!

Thank you for your patience!

Droid Procon for BF3

This application works as a standalone remote administration tool to manage your game servers for Battlefield 3.
Yes, you can change pretty much all of your settings, as well as maps, lists, chats. It also allows you to chat and interact (ban,kick,move,..) in real time with players currently logged onto your server.

This application will allow you to connect your Android device straight to the (PC-Version) “Battlefield 3″ game servers, or to the Procon’s Layer Server.
In the latter case you will take advantage of Procon’s sub-admin account management and plugins. You can create/delete Procon accounts, edit user privileges as well as enable/disable plugins loaded on your Procon’s Layer Server; you can even modify plugin variables!

Important Links:


Metabans Project is moving/moved

The entire metabans project is migrating to another server with new management. i3lack is taking over and the site should be running on his box now, or the DNS propagating.

No data (it was corrupt anyway) has been transferred over to the new box. is no longer run by me but I will be following the project closely. Hopefully it’s now being run by some one with some more time to actually implement some of the features that have been requested.

Description and Demo of in-game commands for Procon 2

Just posted this up on my works blog.  Stop past, have a play and leave a comment please :)

With Siri hitting the office of my Apple enthusiast peers my attention was again thrown at Natural Language Processing (NLP).  This article isn’t explaining how Siri in particular works, but instead how to make something close on a shoe string budget. I originally wrote this in December of 2010 for Procon 2, an unreleased remote console tool for administering Game Servers and sequel to Procon, that I continue to work on today as a hobby.


Release event: Win a free copy of iOS Procon for BF3!

Giving away App store promotional codes!

iOS Procon for BF3 version 1.0 has been uploaded to Apple about 24 hours ago and is now waiting for review. While waiting for the release of the App on the Store we’d like to cheer you up by giving away 25 promotional codes for the BF3 version of iOS Procon with which you will be able to download the App for free once it is released. If you want to be in this “lottery” just make a quick post in this forum thread:

Release event: Win free copy of iOS Procon for BF3!

After release of the App we’ll randomly pick 25 people out of this thread and send them their promo codes asap!
Good luck! :)

Update 08/11/2011:

With the release of the App on the Store the thread has now been closed.
The winners of the free promo codes are: NioXin, wetpaint, BuLwinkL, TDJP, SharoFFenstein, stu2405, Flyswamper, Tomahlak, eleite, smokin_mitch, Hamma, LambdaKnight, crazyredfox, Myiagi, zhuzhenlin, Albereth, DomoFizz, FcUK_A, CoMPaHiLiC, Wired1, derspeckle, Nick8961, Spaldo, boasist, spaantje!
They have just received their codes via PM.
Thank you all very much for participating!
Have fun with iOS Procon for BF3!